Fastest horse in the World

There is money – you can buy at least a dozen brides for yourself and you can’t buy a good horse for money. He steals an arrow and is loyal to his master. “Mikhail Lermontov. The fastest horse in the world can easily compete with certain types of transport. And what wit, beauty and grace these animals have!

horse speed
There are horses intended for the transport of goods, it is scary. And there is – to participate in races is to go horseback riding. The average speed of horses is usually 15-20 km / h, but horses grow big several times. Gait plays an important role: stride, gallop, lynx, career, amble The fastest of these is gallop .On short distances (up to 2800 m) it reaches 60 km / h, on longer distances it is about 50-55 km / h.The unsurpassed bystrekhodtsami are pure English.

The fastest in the world

Stallion Beach Rakit is a breeding producer, most of the time occupying a leading position in races. In 1945, in Mexico City, he defended the chief’s place. In the ΒΌ mile race (409.26 m.), He reached a speed of 69.6 km / h. This result is history

The horse Oniol Roll in 1993 approached this indicator to the maximum.

The thoroughbred Siglevi Slave covered a distance of 804 meters without a rider with a result of 69.3 km / h.

The distance of 2400 meters (long distance) was crossed by the stallion John Henry at a speed of 60.7 km / h. The runner with the equipment weighed 57.1 kg.

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