Reasons to keep bees
1. Why do we plant flowers
there is almost no benefit, but there is aesthetic pleasure. Osmia bees are beautiful and eye-catching, working in the spring in their tubes. If you later breed more southerly species, the Horned Osmia, you will have the most beautiful bees in the world in your home – he is quite large (the size of a bumblebee) thick black and red bumblebees. This is the first answer. In addition, growing and selling flowers for some is a business in its own right. Breeding Osmia can also be a good deal.
2. This is when you keep bees
but not for honey, but for pollination. It is very interesting to do. There are a hundred steps to improving the lives of bees. The only difference is that bees are well studied. But less is known about the behavior of Osmia bees, and there is a large field of research, there is a chance to make a small discovery.
3. To understand the nature of bees
you must understand their diversity. Children should also learn from childhood to observe nature and, in particular, the nature of bees. Osmia, unlike bees, is absolutely safe. They can be brought up by each student, not only in rural areas, even in an apartment on the balcony, if you do not live above the fifth floor. If a child has been loving Osmia bees since childhood, there is a good chance that in the future he will love honey bees and become a beekeeper. Osmia is absolutely harmless to the health of the child. They never protect their nests.
4. There is also a financial aspect
Osmia cocoons are popular even in the domestic market. The main consumers are owners of small greenhouses, for which the use of honey bees to pollinate cucumbers is much more expensive. There are already examples of individual beekeepers getting between $ 600 and $ 800 for a month of working with Osmia. Osmia cocoons are in demand, but we need to have a producer association to generate large quantities of cocoons, develop quality assessment, improve pest control, etc. It requires extensive research.

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