if you are going to compare rabbit we to poultry I will recommend that if you don’t have that sufficient capital you will go for the rabbit tree because you don’t need a lot of money to start with this kind of farming in fact our countrymen the Filipinos have learned now to eat rabbits because this rabbits have low cholesterol compared to other kind of meat and aside from that rabbits are very safe to him considering that they are only eating pellets and vegetables and grasses and I would like to reveal to you that in rabaa tree we have to be able to address some issues about the basic or the common diseases that our rabbits may contaminate and one of the common diseases is this rabbit box where we can medicate by simply using this ivermectin this ivermectin is intended for the pigs but I found it out that it is also good for the rabbits the dogs and other animals as long as you are using the correct dosage so come on guys we will go to the place of my friend Ferdinand actually our friendship had brought us so many benefits because he is producing rabbits and buying his rabbits and of course I’m selling this for profit to our pet store so come on let’s go and we will witness this very peculiar method of raising rabbits.

So this we are on our way now to the house of my friend and it’s raining here in our city and the traffic jam is just bearable maybe 20 minutes from now we’re gonna reach the house of my friend it’s located some thirty kilometers away from here but because of the traffic maybe we will spend around thirty minutes to 45 minutes travel time

So we are finally here at the house of my friend Ferdinand and I’m so glad that he will come us here my good my life actually this friend of mine is my number one supplier of rabbits and he gonna show us now how he was able to produce a lot of rabbits of his very peculiar system you know this man has been very successful in producing rabbits and his techniques is different from all the rest and you will see now that this technique is not the ordinary one where we can see having peaches or elevated cages but this one is different because he is racing the rabbits just on the ground and they have a lot of features now that we cannot see.

So my remember nice llamas are then comes another reason why so our purpose of coming here is actually to buy some 20 kittens and this is one of his side blanks and we’ve been helping each other of course because he produced a lot of baby rabbits and we were gonna buy this one and also we gotta sell this to the pet store so this relationship has been ongoing since we’ve another Pig when do we ever know so and we get inside now and look at the the rabbits come on guys we will go inside this is my part of his house it is intended for the kitchen but for the meantime is using this as the rabbit tree and you will see that therabbits are just here on the ground see that this is amazing in fact I can count how many 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 kittens that are here he told us that his system or breathing is just allowing this door to deliver babies on the ground and when the moment they gonna deliver baby they will just make a horn and then deliver babies inside the hole when this dog would like to give some milk to the kittens
he was just did and get inside a hole and allow the babies to have her milk so this is amazing so we will now look at the other cages now I am convinced that the rabbits belong to the rodents family
they really love to stay on the ground and this one here have babies also are the biggest some right here we can see seven kittens and they are all now big see that Wow and right here there are five kittens didn’t so you look at that hole down there this rabbit is making rebbe of her nest she dug a hole and then this is an indication now that she gonna deliver babies it is expected that tomorrow this doe will deliver babies this one you see that you see that this are a two days old rabbits you will see that the Rabbit is making its fur as nest so that’s the useful thing that a rabbit would do they will detach therefore and then they will make that as their beddings on their nest I’m sure that you are eager to know about the feeding
system of this rabbit tree I was told that he is giving this water spinach as one of the main sources of the food ma acappella common happened.

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