The Top 5 Largest Horse Breeds in the world
In the animal world, the horse is known as an intelligent, fast and powerful animal. Its size has always fascinated not only riders but also neophytes. But what is the tallest horse in the world? When the height at the withers of a horse is larger than that of a man then the horse becomes almost a supernatural creature that one looks at in wonder.
Especially since their character is often the opposite of their impressive musculature. Draft Horses are the largest horses in the world but also the most docile.
Let’s see below which are the 5 biggest horse breeds in the world.
5. Suffolk Punch

   Average height: 1m70
Weight: 950 kg
Character: Accommodating and Courageous
Country: england

The Suffolk or Suffolk Punch or Suffolk Sorrel is a breed of horses that originated in Great Britain. He is a heavily harnessed horse, which gives him a massive appearance and impressive strength. Suffolk horses are known to be hardworking and energetic animals. Sadly, today it is classified as an endangered breed.
The Suffolk Punchs are also one of the largest breeds of horses. They generally measure between 1m65 and 1m75 and weigh between 900 and 1000 kg.
These Suffolk horses are very powerful in their work.

4. Belgian trait

Average height: 1m70
Weight: 900 kg
Character: Docile and Intelligent
Country: Belgium

The Belgian Trait is also known by many other names such as Brabant or Brabançon. It is a draft horse derived from the Brabant region of modern Belgium. This horse breed is one of the strongest among the group of heavy horse breeds.
Belgian heavy draft horses are between 168 cm and 173 cm tall. On average, an adult Belgian Trait weighs more than 900 kg. Belgian horses in the United States are slightly smaller than European Brabançons, but they have the same build.
Currently, the tallest horse in the world is a Brabançon named Big Jack, born in 2000 and measuring 2m10 at the withers.
The most impressive Belgian draft horse is Brooklyn Supreme. He weighs 1,451 kg and his height at the withers is 1.98 inches.

3. Percheron

Average height: 1m72
Weight: 870 kg
Character: Friendly, Willing, Intelligent
Country: France

The Percheron is a breed of horse, as its name suggests, originating in the Perche. The size at the withers of the Percheron is not the same from one country to another.
In France, it measures between 1m60 and 1m85 and weighs between 500 and 1200 kg.
In the United States, Percherons are often between 60 and 76 inches tall and weigh on average 860 kg. The heaviest even reached 1,200 kg. In the United Kingdom, the shortest height of this breed is 1.67m and the weight varies between approximately 820 and 1000 kg.
Besides its size, the Percheron is also recognized as one of the most beautiful horses in the world.

2. Clydesdale

Average height: 1m75
Weight: 870 kg
Character: Calm, Dynamic
Country: Scotland

The Clydesdale is a breed of draft horse that originated from farms in Scotland. Despite its small size in the past, the Clydesdale is growing rapidly and has put its name in the list of the world’s largest horse breeds.
Today, a Clydesdale horse can measure between 1m62 and 1m82 and weigh up to 820-920 kg. Some adults can even be taller, and weigh up to almost a ton.
The Clydesdales were used by the British Royal Cavalry to lead parades on national holidays. To be used for this purpose, a horse must be robust but above all very tall. The chosen horse must be able to ride a policeman and put on two 56 kilogram silver drums.
The Clydesdale is therefore a highly prized breed that can sell for a high price.

1. Shire

Average height: 1m80
Weight: 1000 kilos
Character: Patience, courage, friendly
Country: england

The Shire is a British breed of draft horse. The Shire is a very powerful horse and it is literally known as the largest of the horse breeds. This breed of horse measures between 1m70 and 1m90 at the withers and has an average weight of 900 to 1100 kg.
The largest horse recorded in history is probably the Shire called Mammoth. Born in 1846, his adult height was 2.19m at the withers and his weight is estimated at 1,500 kg. Another Shire named Goliath held the Guinness Record for the tallest horse in the world until his death in 2001.

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