Top 4 Most beautiful aquarium fish
Do you want to acquire beautiful fish for your aquarium? You only know goldfish and want to have more original companions? Today we present 4 species of pretty fish that are easy to care for and keep healthy.
1. The fighter: one of the most beautiful aquarium fish
The fighter or Betta splendens is a colorful freshwater fish native to Asia. Its shimmering colors and voluptuous sails make it one of the most popular aquarium fish. Very colorful, it comes in an infinity of colors.
If you want to acquire a fighter, be aware that this is a very territorial species. Thus, it is impossible to put two males in the same aquarium: these gentlemen would soon be cut to pieces. The fighter can live alone, in an aquarium of about 30 liters, or cohabit, under certain conditions.
If you want to create a group of females or composed of a male and several females, we recommend that you offer them at least 80 liters of water for 3 individuals.
2. Japanese fish: pretty fish that are easy to breed
There are many species of Japanese fish: lion’s head, pompom, pearl, ryukin, telescope… These fish are rather easy to breed.
They just need a large enough aquarium (they can reach twenty centimeters in adulthood) filled with two liters of water per centimeter of adult Japanese fish. The living area should also be equipped with an air pump, filter, lighting and decor to showcase the fish.
One more thing: Japanese fish are prone to stress. Set them up in a quiet area, in an area where there is not too much traffic during the day.
3. The guppy: a charming little fish
The guppy is one of the most common aquarium fish. Its varied and bright colors and its natural elegance make it a very popular fish indeed. Easy to maintain and breed, it is one of the ideal fish for beginners in aquariums.
Undemanding, it lives in water with a pH between 6 and 7.5, like many fish. It can therefore coexist with many species.
Be careful, however, to balance your school of guppies: the males ask the females a lot to reproduce, which can exhaust them. We suggest that you choose a maximum of one male for three females.
4. Neons: spice up your aquarium
Resistant and peaceful, neon is a fish as aesthetic as it is easy to breed…. And to reproduce. If you give it everything it needs to meet its needs, you will quickly see new inhabitants appearing in your aquarium.
Our recommendation? Never buy a neon alone. Deeply gregarious, this small fish indeed likes to live in large groups. It is considered that 10 specimens per 80 liters of water is a good average.


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