Top 5 easy-going fish for a successful aquarium

Each of your visits to your garden center leaves you in awe and wonder at the fish. After much hesitation, you have decided to get into the aquarium hobby. As a beginner, you must first acquire a fully equipped aquarium, of the correct size, which will allow the fish to play in good conditions. After installation, it’s time to select the fish … A real dilemma as they all seem to catch your eye with a flick of a fin. That’s why we offer you the top 10 easiest fish to acclimatize in an aquarium.

The fighter (betta splendens)
This fish will charm you with its shimmering colors, its vaporous fins in continuous movement and its slender elegance. On the other hand, the fighter will have to live alone if not a pitched battle with his congeners assured.
The guppy (poecilia reticulata)
A small rainbow of tangy colors, the guppy is a particularly lively but rather peaceful fish. It will need a clear but planted swimming space in an aquarium of at least 60 liters for 4 specimens. Water between 20 and 26 ° C suits him. As the guppy tends to reproduce easily, it is advisable to introduce one male for every three females into your aquarium.
The xipho (xiphophorus hellerii)
A fairly large fish compared to its congeners, the male of which can be distinguished from the female by the sword which extends its caudal fin. A peculiarity which earned him the name of “sword-bearer”. The easy-to-breed and breed xipho needs water between 20 and 26 ° C. Peaceful and active fish that can still reach 10 to 12 cm, it will need an aquarium of a little larger volume. Opt for a covered aquarium if you don’t want him to be able to jump outside.
Platy (xiphophorus maculatus)
Strong and vigorous fish that will need a minimum of 80 liters of water due to its size. The platy is the life of the aquarium, which is constantly on the move and in search of food. It’s a very prolific fish too! He, too, needs water with a temperature of between 20 and 26 ° C.
The molly (poecilia sphenops)
Black, Dalmatian or gold dust, the molly is also very popular with aquarists for its robustness, fertility and elegance. Ideally, he appreciates hard water but he will be able to be tolerant to all other environments. Because the male is particularly demanding of mating, plants will allow the females to hide.

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