Top 5 Largest Cat Breeds
Big cats attract you? Usually well-built and muscular, they exude a presence that sets them apart from the cats we usually see. To make your choice, here are some characteristics of the 5 largest cat breeds.The Savannah
The Savannah is the record-breaking breed for the tallest domestic cat, with an American individual recorded at 43.43cm at the withers. In addition to this exceptional size, some Savannahs weigh more than 13 kg. The male is larger than the female.
This breed is the result of crossing a Serval, a wild cat common in South Africa that belongs to the cheetah family, with a Bengal cat. The largest individuals are those with a purebred Serval parent or grandparent. For the generations which follow, already crossed, the size approaches the usual 30-35 cm at the withers. Under these conditions, with few people able to mate a Serval with a domestic cat, first-generation hybrids are rare and expensive, with a cost of up to € 7,000 per animal.
Her slim figure and spotted dress really gives her a wild look. But he is gentle, sociable and friendly. He has a marked inclination for hunting and loves water, and can be easily tempted to join you in the shower or in the bath.
The Maine Coon
The Maine Coon is a long cat. Maine Coons can be over a meter in length (from nose to tip of tail), one of them’s 2006 record being precisely 1.21 meters.
Their musculature is quite impressive, their chest large. The female is a little more modest in size than the male.
Fortunately for its owners, its character is gentle. Not very action-oriented, he prefers hugs and play with children. It is also very tolerant of other cats and animals. He moderately loses his medium-length hairs.
These cats are known to develop diseases like feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, polycystic kidney disease, hip dysplasia, and spinal muscular atrophy more than other breeds.
The Norwegian looks like the Maine Coon but is often a bit thinner than the latter. It can reach 40 cm at the withers from the age of 2 or 3 years.
These cats from the Norwegian forests are a “natural” breed, not the result of human crossbreeds. They therefore do not need special care. Not very prone to disease, however, they seem to be affected by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This breed of cat is resistant to harsh winters thanks to its waterproof mid-length coat. Most of these cats maintain it naturally, but it is possible to help it by combing and brushing it once a week.
These cats are considered “gentle giants”. Peaceful, they are also very social, willing to share their territory with other cats and animals.
The Ragdoll
The Ragdoll can measure up to 1 meter in length (from tip of nose to tip of tail) and 40cm in height.
With a massive build, in addition to its dimensions, it is characterized by a very soft coat which gives it an air of plush and which has the quality of not getting tangled. He has large, round, bright blue eyes.
Overall robust, however, it can be affected by bladder stones and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
The Highlander
The full name of the breed called Highlander is Highlander Lynx. This name does not mean that this breed results from crossing with a lynx but relates more to its exceptional appearance which evokes that of the lynx: beautiful build, long rear legs and large plantar pads, large curved pointed ears, short tail (between 5 and 15 cm), marbled dress, broad forehead and large flattened oval eyes. Its size can reach 40 cm at the withers. He is an intelligent animal and attached to his master.
Choosing an animal always requires real consideration upstream to ensure the animal’s compatibility with your daily life and with the environment that you are able to offer it. The aesthetic qualities of an animal of course count in the choice, but the characteristics of each breed should be carefully weighed before purchase. They vary enormously from breed to breed, with character probably one of the characteristics to be studied with the most care.

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