Dogs have a wide range of coat colours and patterns but black and white can be one of the most striking see for yourself with our list 4  of black and white dog breeds.

1. Newfoundland

Newfoundland this dog is giant in size made even larger with their thick medium length hair this can be black black and white or brown although one of the largest dog breeds they are also one of the most affectionate and loving getting on especially well with children.

2. Border Collie

Border collie border collies can have both short and long hair
both of which can appear in black and white long-haired border collies are quite fluffy and will need more attention to keep their coat in shape it’s vital this dog is kept well stimulated both mentally and physically.

3. Siberian Husky

Siberian husky the fur of a husky is long but can be of various colors with black and white being one of the most common despite being adapted to very cold weather they can tolerate a range of climates their eyes are usually hazel or sky blue but many have both hues they are very active and need a lot of physical exercise to maintain their health.

4. French Bulldog

French bulldog the coat of this medium-sized dog is short fine and smooth this breed is characterized by their peculiar physical appearance with bat ears and a flattened face they are increasingly popular due to their friendly and adorable nature.

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