A horse’s bridle controls the movements of the rider’s reins, so we must know how to put the reins on a horse and the bridle correctly, in order to guide our equine in the desired direction.

1. We hold the horse

start we place the reins in the neck area to hold the horse in case he tries to run away. Then we grab the equine’s head and proceed to put the bridles on the horse.

2. We put on the bridle

The second step to put the reins to a horse is to place the mouthpiece in the mouth of the horse, always with special care, because we can hurt the horse and can even bite us. There are different types of bit, the most prominent are:
    . Fillets, divided into two pieces. This is the simplest bridle system in a horse. It is formed by two curved irons joined in the center, with a ring at each end where the reins will go.
    . Bit. This type of bit consists of a single piece and tends to be more aggressive for the horse’s mouth, so it is not advisable to pull too hard on the reins.
    . Pelham, a combination of the two previous ones. This type of embouchure is quite imprecise and should only be used by an expert.

3. We place the front end

We place the frontal always behind the ears with care since horses are especially sensitive in this area and some of them hate to have their ears touched. Remove the hair from the straps so that it does not get caught and proceed to tie the reins.

4. We adjust the choke

In the mouth closure should enter a finger approximately between the strap and the horse to avoid hurting him. Then we continue adjusting the choke, so that the head does not come out if the animal scratches. Here it is recommended that at least one hand fits between the leash and the horse.
As we have seen before there are different types of muzzles, the ones we have mentioned above are only some of them, however there are many more types. The same goes for the reins, and each horse needs its own.
How can we know what each horse needs? The best thing to do is to try and choose what best suits the horse and what he is most comfortable with. We must also see what best suits our needs as riders or horsewomen.
When preparing a horse for riding, it is advisable to place the reins last. It is preferable to place the saddle of the horse first to prevent the horse from spending too much time with the bit on, as it is a nuisance for the equine and is usually a bit annoying.

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