My Cat Doesn't Want to Play
If your feline isn’t interested in playing anymore it’s understandable there is a worry they have lost their spark for a reason at animal wise we explain why your cat doesn’t want to play and what we can do about it.

1. They have matured
They have matured cats change their character as they develop from adolescence if your kitten stops playing at the onset of their adulthood you probably shouldn’t panic while a cat shouldn’t stop playing completely they can reduce their desire to play considerably this is even more so if the cat has grown into old age.
2. They had a bad experience
They had a bad experience a refusal to play with you can be due to a negative or traumatic experience they associate with you have they stopped playing in general or has it only happened with you there are many situations where this can happen without us even noticing for example you may rough house with them and think they enjoy it but actually they have become intimidated or even feel like they are being punished if you rile your cat up they can even become angry and it’s understandable they don’t enjoy being near you they may also have become frightened by a large noise or hurt by something in your presence.
3. they get frustrated or bored when playing
They get frustrated or bored when playing it can often be the case that we are not playing with our cat in an appropriate way resulting in frustration playtime has a beginning and end but some people when playing with their cats overlook this fact it is often the case when they use toys for the cat to chase but never let them catch up to it when you play with your cat in this way they can generate a negative mood and become fed up this happens especially with laser pointers as they will never actually be able to catch them which is why they’re inappropriate for playing with cats ensure you play with your cat in a positive way to encourage exercise and give them a sense of accomplishment this way you will work with their natural behavior lastly it’s important to get to know their personal likes and dislikes
when it comes to playing in this article we provide diy toys you can make to encourage suitable play
4. They are not always predisposed to play
They are not always predisposed to play cats are sensitive animals which generally don’t like excess for this reason you must be understanding and avoid being rough especially if the cat looks like they are resting and not receptive to play at these times they are likely to want to be on their own if you keep bothering them like this they can get fed up with you and avoid your company
5. They are not feeling well
They are not feeling well if you have observed a sudden change in your cat’s character with no apparent explanation you should suspect the possibility they are ill certain pathologies and injuries can mean they are unable to play you should take them to a vet for diagnosis
6. They have not yet adapted
They have not yet adapted if your cat has recently been adopted into the family it’s normal they are not yet completely confident in their environment including you they will still need time to adapt since they may see your home as an intimidating and even hostile place we can use a pheromone diffuser to help them be can with you we provide more tips and information in this article about how long it takes for a cat to adapt to a new home.
7. They are disturbed by change
They are disturbed by change since cats are sensitive animals they are very susceptible to changes around them and in their family group by nature they need to keep an eye on their surroundings to feel secure it’s not strange then that a significant change in their environment can affect their behavior even halting the desire to play for example moving home bringing in a new cat or even barely noticeable changes such as strange noises or changes in the cat’s
food can bear these results these changes can make them insecure or depressed so we need to reassure them through positive reinforcement that the new situation won’t cause them harm.

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