My Cat Hates My New Dog
It can be difficult to predict how our cat will react if we bring home any new family member let alone a canine how well they are accepted depends on how well socialized they have been as well as other factors if your cat hates your dog animal wise helps you to understand why and what you can do about it.1. They Have never Socialized with dogs
They have never socialized with dogs the socialization period of a kitten is the stage during which they learn how to relate to their environment and lose within it whether other cats dogs people or any animal if your cat has never encountered any friendly dogs it’s understandable they will not know how to behave around them or even be scared of the unknown creature in their home
2. Had a Negative Experience
Had a negative experience another common reason why your cat hates your new dog is because they have had bad experiences with canines in the past especially if these are the only experiences they have had with dogs the trauma of their past can mean they struggle to feel secure in the present.
3. Protect Their Resources
Protect their resources if your cat was the only animal in the home it’s normal to feel a sudden pressure with the arrival of a new one the new dog in this context can appear to be a rival for their resources in the home even if the dog doesn’t have any real Interest in their food bed or accessories the cat can feel insecure and see them as a threat.
4. They Were improperly introduced
They were improperly introduced the initial introduction of the new dog to your cat is a pivotal moment in their potential relationship
it should be as gradual a process as possible since cats are very sensitive to change they need time to adapt and associate this change with something positive if the introduction is rushed the catwill likely feel ambushed and become stressed even showing aggression to their new housemate here above we share a video on some reasons why your cat attacks your dog.
5. Can a cat and dog get along ?
Can a cat and dog get along it’s not only possible for a cat and dog to tolerate each other it can even become the best of friends however each animal is an individual and will adapt at their own pace so giving them adequate time to accept the dog is essential.
6. How to Make a Cat accept a dog
How to make a cat accept a dog ensure the cat and dog have at least one area in the home that is theirs alone bear in mind that cats need to stay in high places so you will need to provide shelter off the ground so they can better monitor their environment and the dog can’t reach them they will also need access to their food and water away from each other so they are not disturbed similarly your cat’s litter tray needs to be located somewhere the dog can’t access we also suggest you invest in a synthetic pheromone spray or diffuser to help the cat feel comfortable despite such a change in their environment finally we recommend the appropriate steps to introduce cats and dogs in this article  remember the relationship between dogs and cats has a reputation for being complicated however the structuring of a stable and secure relationship between these two species will depend on all the factors that we’ve explained to you already especially make sure to be patient and introduce them gradually.

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