Rules for raising rabbits in the hole

Pit rabbit farming is a decent alternative for ranchers whose pets have gotten feeble and latent. It is accepted that to reestablish the equilibrium of normal powers and the ensuing improvement of creature wellbeing, it is feasible to place it in a pit nearer to nature. In addition, the creation and course of action of the pit is important for an individual to do. How do bunnies act in the opening? Is bunny reproducing mainstream in the pits?

 1. How to make a hole

Keeping rabbits in the hole must be carried out according to all the rules, which you must begin to follow when choosing a place reference edelonnogo. It is very important that the site is not under the water level or in a place with high water. It must be remembered that rabbits are constantly engaged in deepening holes, because the water level from the surface should reach more than 5 meters. The best option would be to raise rabbits in mud pits.Such a hole for rabbits would be ideal.
After the hole has been dug, and the lack of groundwater has been confirmed, it is necessary to proceed to the next steps. The first of them is the beginning of the arrangement of the pit with your own hands. It is correct to dig a hole up to 2 m deep and 3×3 in size. Construction begins only in a place where flat walls prevail, there are no terraces and other formations. For upholstery, a bayonet trowel is suitable. To prevent rabbits from escaping from the hole, you need to cover the bottom with straw at a level of 20 cm.
The construction of the pit for the rabbit is not a very difficult task, and even the drawings are not necessary to tear it off. In several photos you can see an example of an ordinary pit. To improve the house, you can try to wall the room or cover it with slate. These measures can prevent sudden collapse and stop the spontaneous and uncontrolled drilling of holes from all sides. The correct hole should have one wall not closed to mark the entrance with a shovel, the rest will be done by the rabbit.
To distinguish the pit, one must take into account the possible height of the bottom. It is better to build a hole with the extension of the entrance, to prevent crushing and collision in cases of fear and emergency evacuation.
The nuances while ranking

As experience shows, it is the female who is responsible for digging burrows, the length of which sometimes reaches more than tens of meters.To facilitate catching rabbits, the pit must have a valve or an inlet damper. You should not be afraid that the pit will take the rabbit to the surface: the slope is either horizontal or falling. The same applies to the myth that keeping rabbits in pits can worsen the condition of the garden plot and harm some plants. According to experienced rabbit breeders, such cases were not observed. A hole deeper than a meter will help prevent holes from entering the surface.
Breeding rabbits in the pits is a whole art, so it is necessary to follow the recommendations of professionals.

It is necessary to work on arranging the bottom of the hole to get rid of unpleasant odors. You can try to use a grid or strips for this. If possible, you need to change the straw in the house and arrange a wastebasket there.

It is necessary to place a feeder and a drinking bowl near one wall. To determine their number, they are directed by the number of rabbits to avoid crowding. In order to choose the height, it is important to focus on the little rabbits. Animals should have constant free access to food and water, no matter the conditions.

It is necessary to isolate the pet from other domestic animals and wild animals using a fence. Raising and keeping rabbits will be much more comfortable if you make a roof or canopy over the hole.

2. Put the rabbits in the hole

After following the construction technology, you can begin to fill the new housing with rabbits. On average, the described pit can accommodate up to 100 targets, however, to avoid aggression, it is necessary to turn on the animals in turn. It is the settlement that is considered the most important stage. There are many options for putting a pet in a hole.

Spot around 30 people until they become more grounded and adjust to another way of life, and afterward deal with the remainder of the creatures to join the work. Without burrowing abilities, it is smarter to leave the hares for meat, since they can not begin burrowing. This is expected to over-transformation to life at home and the deficiency of essential regular senses. Luckily, such cases are uncommon.
Feed just youthful creatures as long as a half year old enough. Breed doesn’t make any difference, yet grown-ups and huge people are best left in cell states. There are additionally bunnies who have lost their senses to burrow, remove their colleagues and involve their place of home. In the event that conceivable, you can place bunnies from different openings in the opening.

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