My Kneads and Bites Blankets


If your cat needs and bites blankets or clothes it looks like they’re getting amorous in this animal-wised article we ask if this is the case by revealing why they do this and whether you need to prevent it.
1. Pica syndrome
pica syndrome is a condition whereby the cat bites or eats inedible materials cats usually favors certain materials such as cardboard
paper plastic bags and fabrics especially wool and cotton the breeds most predisposed to this behaviour are asian breeds such as the siamese or burmese cat there are insufficient studies to determine the exact cause of this problem the most likely reason is that this habit relieves stress and promotes a sense of well-being in the cat  the stress and anxiety can be caused by different influences especially boredom or a sudden change in their environment such as moving home or the arrival of a new family member unfortunately there is no 100 effective solution to this problem however there are some guidelines you can follow firstly take the cat to a veterinarian if they eat foreign objects although it is not common it’s possible they are suffering a nutritional deficiency and the vet will test to rule out this possibility we should also hide fabrics which the cat tries to eat
also close the bedroom door when you’re not at home and limit access to these materials finally encourage the cat to exercise the more they are entertained the less likely they are to suckle in blankets in severe cases of pica psychoactive medication may be administered
2. Stress and anxiety
Stress and anxiety the cat may not be trying to eat the material but simply needs or licks lightly in the blanket as a way to relax cats need objects and even ourselves as a way to reduce stress it’s related to their behavior as a kitten when they would do the same to their mother’s breasts to stimulate milk production and provide them with a sense of tranquility with domestic cats even when they enter adulthood they can continue this behavior to make themselves calm
they especially do it with people to whom they form strong bonds they also do it before they rest and to mark territory if your cat needs but isn’t trying to ingest the blanket you need to find out whether they are stressed or simply trying to relax if it is the former you will need to determine the cause of their anxiety and treat it discover the five reasons why cats need in general .
3. Premature weaning
premature weaning when a kitten is separated from their mother prematurely they often develop behaviors such as biting and needing materials to calm themselves until they fall asleep over time this usually goes away but the kneading can be totally normal to continue throughout life however it can become an obsession and develop the aforementioned pica syndrome on the other hand kittens that have not been weaned prematurely can also develop this behavior
in these cases they can do it to make their bed more accommodating or because they feel lonely or bored if you think it is due to the latter offer them a variety of toys to prevent them from turning this behavior into a way to relieve stress sexual behavior when a cat is reaching
4. Sexual maturity
sexual maturity it is totally normal for them to start exploring and engaging in strange behaviors it is important to sterilize the animal when the veterinarian recommends to avoid unwanted pregnancies so they don’t try to escape and to avoid certain health problems here we share a video about why neutering cats is so important for both males and females non-neutered cats or cats neutered when adult can also show this behavior if you notice a female cat harms a blanket they could be in heat for non-castrated males they may do the
same to relieve frustration or receive pleasure even castrated males can continue this behavior if it is done so late in their development humping blankets can also be a consequence of stress this behavior being an important release for the animal because their sexual instinct is causing significant frustration as you can see there can be several reasons for thisbehavior therefore it is essential to carefully observe the animal to find out what might be happening and visit a veterinarian specialised in anthology find out more about the behavior of cats.

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