My Dog's Paws Smell Bad
The smell of a dog’s paws specifically their paw pads has a certain character something we may not notice at first for this reason you may be unsure if your dog’s paws smell normal in this animal-wise article we explain what a dog’s paws smell like why they smell that way and how to keep them healthy1. What are our dogs paw pads like ?
what are our dogs paw pads like although some caregivers wonder why a dog’s paws smell bad the truth is that their natural odor is quite strong and particular it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong in fact it is when the smell is not there a problem often arises their paw pads have characteristics that make them smell differently to the rest of their body this is because they have important functions we may not be aware of the paw pads are the points of support for a dog and are formed from a thick layer of keratin a protein also used to create nails and hair under this layer is a layer of fat and elastic tissue which feels soft to the touch this allows the impact of the dog’s steps to be cushioned when walking running or jumping distributing their weight in a balanced way the structure of these paw pads also makes it easier for them to walk over hard terrain or ground that is very hot
or cold despite this they have many nerve endings which also make them sensitive the reason why they don’t often enjoy them being touched and why injuries can be very painful they have many blood vessels so they can also bleed easily.
2. Why do dog paws smell bad ?
why do dog paws smell bad the special smell of dog’s paws is the result of sweat microorganisms making up the normal microbiota in that area and everything the animal steps on mixing together this explains why a dog’s paws smell bad it’s a normal smell and does not indicate the existence of any disease but it is necessary to watch that this smell doesn’t change.
3. Recommendations for caring for dog paw pads ?
recommendations for caring for dog paw pads paw pats undergo modifications over time as they wear out lose elasticity dry out and even crack you only have to compare the paw pads of a puppy with those of an adult dog to tell the difference throughout the dog’s life checking the pad should be carried out on a regular basis this allows us to detect damage and prevent problems such as removing parasites keep in mind that being in permanent contact with the ground makes them very vulnerable the pads can be protected with specific products such as moisturizers applied in time these help prevent the formation of annoying cracks which in addition to causing pain promote infection you can also trim the hairs in the paw area if they get too long discover how to trim a dog’s paws  if the dog has an injury or must walk over harsh terrain we also have the option of giving them dog shoes in general we should avoid letting them
walk in this type of terrain or in ground that is too hot or cold.
4. When is it not normal for a dog’s police to smell bad ?
when is it not normal for a dog’s police to smell bad sometimes we can notice a different smell than usual if we look closely it’s normal that we see signs that something’s wrong this could include a wound or abrasion the dog licking this area compulsively inflammation pain  or lameness have you ever wondered why your dog lifts their paws to you in this video we explain everything about this canine behavior in this case it’s best to go to the vet to obtain a diagnosis and corresponding treatment the most common causes are burns abrasions wounds or embedding of a foreign body given its permanent contact with the ground these are fairly common paw
problems if you find a stone or piece of glass you could try removing it at home with tweezers but don’t force it if you don’t see it clearly go to the vet also if you’ve managed to remove it but
there is a deep wound or it does not stop bleeding visiting the clinic is recommended if you want to continue learning about dog care.

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