Why Do DogsHide Their Food
If we took our dinner and buried it in the backyard it might raise some
eyebrows when our dog does it we should know there are legitimate reasons why they hide their food in this video animalwise explains what they are.1. To protect their food from others
To protect their food from others this often happens with dogs who live with other dogs or animals whether due to a lack of supervision or because they are not satiated by their own diet dogs may steal each other’s food we may also find the dogs eat too quickly as a means to get food before it is stolen something which is detrimental to their long-term health.
2. It is special food
it is special food your dog might not hide their kibble but they may take treats or bones to a hiding spot so they can eat it later in this case it is special to them they want to enjoy it properly.
3. Their environment is unsuitable
Their environment is unsuitable if there is something in a dog’s environment making them uncomfortable or simply insufficient for their needs a dog might take their food somewhere else to eat for example when a dog’s food bowlers play a summer with heavy foot traffic or somewhere loud it is understandable they might not want to eat there it is quite common for the dog to take food to their bed in these circumstances not all dogs want to eat alone nor do we all want to eat together it’s important we understand the individual needs of each dog in our care.
4. They don’t have enough energy
They don’t have enough energy if the dog is not getting enough food throughout the day they can drop in energy levels and get hungry by saving food they may be trying to ensure they have enough food when they need it reassessing their daily food requirements will be necessary.
5. Negative past experiences
negative past experiences dogs abused and neglected in the past can feel very insecure about their food hiding it is a habit they developed as a means of survival and it could be a hard habit to break.
6. Play behavior or boredom
behavior or boredom finally your dog may hide or berry food as they find it entertaining also if your dog spends a lot of time alone or does not do enough activity throughout the day they may become bored and hide food to alleviate the boredom to prevent boredom in general check out this article to discover five ideas to entertain your dog at home.
7. Should i be concerned if my dog is hiding food
Should i be concerned if my dog is hiding food generally if your dog hides or buries their food in a timely manner you shouldn’t be alarmed however you might want to find the food later and remove it in case it’s rotten however as we can see some reasons a dog hides food can be a cause for alarm whether they are afraid it will be stolen they have had past trauma influencing their current behavior or they don’t have the right diet we need to determine the case if you think your dog needs some help in this area we provide some appropriate guidelines.
8. Separate the animals at
Separate the animals at meal time if one dog tries to steal another’s food from their bowl we should separate them at meal times this way you can best ensure each dog is receiving the right level of nutrition
9. Move their bowl
move their bowl if the area where your dog eats is unpleasant for them especially if they are insecure put their food in a quiet area away from stressful stimuli.
10. Change diet and schedule
change diet and schedule if you are unsure whether you are feeding your dog enough or the right type of food consult a veterinarian for advice on their diet we should also ensure we stick to a firm feeding schedule to avoid generating anxiety find out how many times a dog should eat each day.
 11. Improve their environmental enrichment
improve their environmental enrichment aside from making sure you spend enough time with them every day walking and playing you should enrich their home by adding appropriate toys like the kong or hidden treats around the house to.


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