Offering treats and snacks to our rabbits provides many benefits more than the fact we can provide better nutrition by supplementing their main diet treats can be used as rewards to Bencourage certain behaviors and bunnies they also help us to strengthen the bond  we share as their guardians keep watching animal wise to see why and how.

Types of treats for rabbits

we find a wide variety of commercially available treat and snack options for rabbits these include chew treats made from various materials dry treats made with different types of ingredients hay in various forms treat bars with various ingredients vegetable and fruit chips some of which include cereals cereal or legume flakes the roots of different plants and herbs.

How to choose the best treats for rabbits ?

Many of the snacks on sale don’t have as healthy a composition as they should this is why it’s essential that before deciding which one to buy you read the list of ingredients for example some contain sugar a product that should never be present in the diet of rabbits as it’s harmful to their health we recommend you look for ingredients other than those that make up the rabbit’s usual diet in order to introduce variety in addition selecting those treats that could be manipulated as toys is a plus for the rabbit in this way they are both nourished and entertained.

How to make homemade treats for rabbits ?

there are treats for rabbits as natural and simple as providing pieces of fruit those that are suitable for rabbits include apricot blueberry
cherry plum raspberry apple peach and strawberry almonds walnuts sunflower or pumpkin seeds cereals such as rolled oats or barley and legumes such as peas and beans can also serve as a reward all these
foods should always be offered raw and without additives such as salt or sugar in the same way some vegetables such as carrots broccoli peppers cucumbers and zucchini just as spices like basil coriander  mint or chamomile serve as treats for rabbits discover other herbs that a rabbit can eat  another option for a homemade treat that is highly appreciated by some rabbits is the branch of certain fruit trees such as apple orange or pear other trees such as poplar pine or willow may be used rabbits like to nibble in these types of wood something they need to do to naturally wear down their continuously growing teeth without them painful abnormal growth can occur.

How to give prizes to a rabbit ?

first of all we must never lose sight of the fact that even if we introduce treats they need to maintain a balanced diet  helps you know what a balanced rabbit diet entails the amount of treats and snacks you provide should be minimal for example half an almond a seed or a tablespoon of fruit per kilogram of a rabbit’s ideal weight can be offered daily unless the fruit is dried in the latter case the fruit needs to be reduced by about a third give new ingredients in small measures to begin with and observe their reaction in addition to increasing the variety of nutrients and stimuli treats can be utilized as a motivation to rehash wanted practices or even become familiar with specific orders be that as it may on the off chance that we need the bunny to comprehend why they are being complimented we need to give them the reward immediately after doing the act.

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