Any dog which is well cared for in terms of diet coke care and general hygiene shouldn’t have an odor problem as healthy dogs usually smell
fine however some breeds are less likely to smell than others something  in this articl on the top 8 dogs that don’t generally tend to smell. 

 Top 8  dogs smell so bad

  2.  Bedlington Terriers
  3.  Kerry Blue Terrier
  4.  Barbet
  5.  Pont-Audemer spaniel
  6.  Briard
  7.  Bouvier des Flandres
  8.  Spanish Water Dog


Poodles stand out as dogs which don’t tend to shed their hair although they may not shed often their coat still needs care with regular brushing and grooming poodles do have a tendency to suffer
from atopic dermatitis a problem which can result in seborrhea and consequently a poor body odor in the absence of dermatitis they are considered a good dog for allergy sufferers.

2. Bedlington Terriers

Bedlington terrier they are medium sized dogs that either don’t smell or do so with less intensity because their coat doesn’t shed if you’re thinking of adopting a bedlington terrier you should know they need a lot of physical and mental stimulation otherwise they can display destructive behaviors.

3. Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry blue terrier this dog is a breed of irish origin and medium size they have a wavy coat which grows long on their muzzle to give them
a beard said coat requires attention to not only keep them clean but also avoid tangles and knots something which can promote bad smells this breed also doesn’t shed much which contributes to their reputation for being one of the least smelly dog breeds.

4. Barbet

Barbet a french dog breed and one of the oldest dog breeds as well as one which doesn’t smell much their curly hair covers their entire body and includes a dense undercoat during their time as water dogs however in part due to their sociable affectionate and playful nature
companion animals.

5. Pont-Audemer spaniel (Épagneul de Pont-Audemer)

Pont auderer spaniel this dog’s coat is known for being non-greasy the characteristic doggy smell is due to natural sebum released from their hair follicles dog breeds which produce less of the secretion tend to have a less noticeable odor this french spaniel is also medium-sized and gets on well with both other dogs and children
they will need plenty of exercises there to remain calm and relaxed in the home.

6. Briard

Briard these specimens do not smell due to their characteristic dry fur which provides good protection against adverse weather conditions these french dogs were originally employed as shepherds for cattle and enjoyed mainly outdoor living they have been known to develop problems with other dogs perhaps because they retain their instinct for guardianship.

7. Bouvier des Flandres

bouvier to flanders these dogs are robust and large in size they do not always accept the presence of other dogs since they can be quite territorial however this is solved with adequate socialization when they are a puppy they can be included among the odorless dog breeds because of their dry and matte style coat although it does require regular effective care.

8. Spanish Water Dog

Spanish water dog as you can see many of the least smelly dogs tend to have curly hair and the spanish water dog is no exception these animals are very well behaved and display a great capacity for learning in fact if we’re lacking in their education they can develop behavioral problems due to being understimulated although they don’t shed much and generally smell better than others they are somewhat prone to knots and tangles.

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