The smallest horse in the world height 56 ​​cm

The 2020 Guinness World Records edition is out! Among all the records it contains, at least to the most astonishing, we have retained one: that of the smallest living horse in the world! This year, the lucky winner is called Bombel and lives in Poland.

He is cute, round, appaloosa and above all? He is measured at 56.7 cm! Bombel was born in 2014 and met his current owners, the Zielinskas, when he was only two months old. They quickly guessed that this little horse would be special. Indeed, his growth did not resemble that of any other horse and he very quickly stopped growing. Its owners then contacted the people responsible for the Guinness World Records, who came to validate its size. In this new edition of the record book, Bombel therefore takes the place of the smallest living horse in the world. He succeeds Thumbelina, who sadly passed away in 2018. She was 44.5 cm tall and lived in Missouri in the United States.

For Bombel, this record did not change his lifestyle. At home he is the king of the stables, and he goes once a month to a children’s hospital where he brings a little happiness to these hospitalized children. Katarzyna, its owner, had seen American horses as emotional support and had the idea to do the same with Bombel. And apparently, the little horse takes its role very seriously!


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